Welcome to Communication Clinic.

This is Kaveh Attarian a communicative linguist from Iran presenting the services as below.

1- Improving texts linguistically, especially proof-reading language training course materials

2- Improving talks and negotiations linguistically and consequently clarifying and speeding up the relationships

3- Tending to solve awkward linguistic problems for the demanding clients especially English language learners, researchers, trainers, and curriculum designers

4- Crash English Training
Improve one's English dramatically through the novel Ultra-Strategic English Learning System: Know the most important, Learn how to learn best, and learn to play your best at the session of communication by your real-time knowledge and skill!

5- Cognitive sciences cooperation and/or development

6- Optimum Communication Training
We are to permanently communicate, as communication is the exclusive way towards 'getting changed' so as to improve and fulfill oneself.

Looking forward to you.

Best regards,
Kaveh Attarian