1‐ 2001: High school Graduate in math and physics by the overall score %90.
2- 2001: Graduate from Iran Language Institute (ILI) in General English by the score %84.
3‐ 2001 onwards: Teacher of miscellaneous English language courses.
4- 2002-2006: a student in islamic philosophy, Payame Noor University, Tehran.
5‐ 2005: Acquisition of IELTS 6.5 from British Council in Tehran.
6- 2007-2011: a student in Islamic jurisprudence, Payame Noor University, Tehran.
7- 2008 onwards: Persian-English Translator and interpreter.
8‐ 2010: acquiring IELTS 7 from Golden Group Immigration Center.
9‐ 2011: acquiring IELTS 7.5 from Iran Mehr Language Institute.
10‐ 2012 until 2014: Official Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce.
11- 2016: Being awarded by the associate degree in Islamic sciences and law from Payame Nour University after dropping the basically bachelor's course.
12- 2016: Foundation of Communication Clinic (www.communicationclinic.ir).
13- 2017: Aquiring the online Certificate of Proficieny in English from ExamEnglish.com .
14- 2017 onwards: Focus on teaching English and communication especially the common, major 'branded' course books in the international marketplace, and having succeeded in recognition of the current spots of difficulty in language training requiring development, involved in linguistic, communicative, and/or cognitive fields (waiting for international sponsorship by one of the decent publications to be applied to the corresponding material and re-published or published!)
15- 2018: launching www.IELTSEnglish.ir.